Our Methods

Project management

  • Gate process, Agile, PERT, Critical Path… all coincide to deliver the change within the budget and time allocated, making sure that every system works!
  • The + by ACE-Project: demonstrate the balance between operation & cost at any level

Production management

  • Lean management/7 Wastes
  • Data Mining/Six Sigma
  • Generation / Distribution / Usage

Quality, Safety & Environment

  • Evolve towards certification (ISO, FDA) and meet regulatory requirements from national and local (DREAL, TUV, BS…)
  • Respect norms and recommendations made by competent bodies (AFNOR, INRS,… )

Work together

There are tangible cycles to go through before achieving long-term partnership.

  • Imagine > Build > Check (then duplicate?)
  • Share and set agreement with the steering committee and the company deputies  (Healthcare, SC,…)
  • Objectives all along
    • Assist and challenge all nature of “investors”:
      • Understand every position (through RACI when needed)
      • Stick to the ground and real needs,
      • Target straight and right,
      • Train continuously the local team.
    • Report with simple tools and indicators
    • NO space for “Dark & Dirty”
    • Congratulate ALL participants & have fun
    • Enjoy the changes with benefits